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Awhile ago my life was in shambles…

I was in a dead end job, doing something that I dreaded every single day. It didn’t help that my wife of 3 years didn’t appreciate me coming late from work. We quarreled frequently, and were on the brink of a emotional divorce…

I was stuck in a downward spiral of negativity. I was convinced that the Universe hated me, and I couldn’t manifest all of my greatest dreams…

On the verge of giving up, I asked the Universe for a sign that I was put here for a greater purpose.

But then I had an experience with the sign of the Mandala that would change my life. I learned to hear and receive messages from the Universe that would.

The Mandala sparked a shift from negative energies into a chain reaction of positive thoughts. It was like a whole new universe was created for me, one where I felt empowered and confident.

…And suddenly it seemed, manifesting my thoughts wasn’t that hard anymore. I became a magnet for abundance, best of all I was able to share it with those around me.

Now I’m passionate about helping people to have these real experiences. To help you reconnect with the fullness of your inner light, and realize your true manifestation potential.

Many deserve abundance in their lives, but only few actually attain it.

I want you to be a part of that few.