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Silva Downloads From the Mind of Jose Silva

“So that when we move on, we shall have left behind a better world”

See why a few
fortunate people
seem to have all
the good luck.

Your Super Powers are poised just beneath the surface, and
The Silva UltraMind ESP System has the key to unleash them
    Have you ever felt like there was something more you should be doing with
your life? Maybe you have a hidden talent just ready to launch you to great
success. Or a special mission, a soul purpose, you are ready to achieve?
    Imagine having a guide who knows what lies ahead for you, who can help
you achieve the successes that you crave.
    The secret of success is no secret to us, we’ve been teaching it since 1966.
Look inside and release the full potential of your own mind 

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Develop your natural
God-given intuition

Be ready to overcome
any health problem

Remove limitations
that hold you back

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Use your ESP to
increase your sales

Mental Training for
Fitness and Sports

Use intuition reliably
for better business

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Dr. Wayne W.
Jose Silva,
the founder
of The
Method, is
a man I have
admired for a long
time. I have used
The Silva Method
of visualization for
many years. It has
helped me
overcome illnesses
and accidents and
avoid surgery. I
urge you to attend
Silva training
-Wayne W. Dyer,
author of Real

Shakti Gawain
“The most
technique I
learned in
The Silva Method
was creative
visualization.” –
Shakti Gawain,
author of Creative

Mark Victor
“If you can
count, you
can count
on the
Silva Sales Power
Method to
skyrocket your
sales.” -Mark Victor
Hansen, author of
Chicken Soup for
the Soul.

Author Wayne Dyer has used Silva techniques to help him in many ways

Best Selling Author Shakti Gawain found Silva

Mark Victor Hansen says Silva leads to success and many benefits

The only courses available today actually authored by Jose Silva The only authentic Jose Silva courses that have not been changed or altered by someone else after his passing. -Jose Silva Jr.

Develop your natural God-given intuition with our exclusive Silva UltraMind
ESP System Complete Home Seminar or our new Blended Learning System
Learn holistic faith healing with our audio/video home study course
Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed

Featuring Jose Silva’s authentic original unaltered courses

Help yourself and others by using your natural
God-given intuition to solve more problems &
make the world a better place to live

Choose the System you want to start with:

Enjoy a healthy body and mind
Solve problems and correct abnormalities
Leave a better world for those who follow

Jose Silva’s prescription for a successful life is simple:

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