Ultimate Guide To Jira And Confluence For IT Managers!

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Setup and Configure JIRA

Screenshots to guide you through the initial setup and configuration of your JIRA system.

How to Use Confluence

Confluence has many great features but like JIRA, it can be daunting at first when trying to use it and find what you need. We take you through the basics so you can easily navigate and create pages.

Anatomy of a JIRA Issue

We take you through the various components of a JIRA Issue so you can understand what all of the different fields are and how to use them.

Project Traceability

With our proprietary Confluence template, we make it easy for you to create full traceability between JIRA issues, Confluence Requirements and Test Scripts.

Sorting and Filtering Projects Tasks

Learn how you can quickly sort through many JIRA tasks and projects to find exactly what you are looking for.

Project Settings

Tour of the backend of JIRA administration settings to help you understand what fields, screens, schemes and other settings mean.

What a godsend, the ‘IT Manager’s Playbook’ was pivotal in the way I restructured my workflow.

Concise instructions, and easy to follow video instructions. I will be suggesting to higher management that this is incorporated into the whole company for all project managers.

Sandra Lapworth, Project Manager at Fonterra

I am generally sceptical of new software, however when I was approached to try out ‘IT Manager’s Playbook’ I was surprised how intuitive it was and easy to train new software managers. We will be using this as a platform in the future for all our departments. We particularly liked the “reporting’ as it was a clean and easy to understand system.

Mike Hollingsworth, General Manager at Tito Supplies

Module 3

Become familiar with more advanced JIRA functionality to help you in day-to-day planning and monitoring.  View Sprint Boards for Kanban tracking and many reports for drilling into your project’s performance.  Project and Issue filtering is also illustrated for efficient analysis.  Finally, we begin diving into the administrative configuration of JIRA starting with Issue Types.

We’ve taken all of the challenges that IT Manager’s typically face and faced them head-on with a set of systematic tools that you can rely on:

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